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Starmyu S3

Starmyu 3rd Season

高校星歌劇[スタミュ] 3rdシーズン

This is the 3rd season of High School Star Musical.

“A way to give up on your dreams? I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Yuta Hoshitani has finally joined Ayanagi Academy; a prestigious academy famous in the realm of music and the performing arts. In his first year, Yuta successfully cleared the entrance examinations with no issues. Now that he is a second year student, he was cleared to be a musical student, but… soon after he starts the new semester, a “new challenge” appears!!

The curriculum for second year students is to support the graduates as they perform as the main cast in the “Special Graduation Performance”. Within “Shadow & Lights”, a traditional performance, there is a part called the “second year training system”. Limited to 5 students, every year one team from the second year students consisting of five members is able to perform on the stage. This is what is an honor for these musical students; achieving the ability to co-star together with the respected former leaders on stage.

Yuta and his fellow 25 musical students challenge each other at the second year training system auditions for a chance at glory. The curtain once again rises on this musical story of youth rushing forward.

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