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Otona no Bouguya-san 2nd Season

おとなの防具屋さん 第2シリーズ

The main character Kautz is hired at the Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen, an armor shop that deals in erotic equipment for travelers. The shopkeeper Narden, who pours his heart and soul into the erotic equipment he sells, tends to hire peculiar individuals for his staff, such as the storefront girl Lilietta. The customers who frequent his shop are always unusual and quirky characters such as the fiery and beautiful swordswoman Frealica and the insanely powerful Demon Lord!

In the second season, some new characters including a young witch and a beautiful young elf join the story, and even more crazy situations break out at the adult armor shop. It’s filled with exchanges of high-tension jokes that put other “gag” anime to shame. You can’t talk about gag anime without watching this! And don’t forget the ladies in sexy armor that await you!

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